Friday, January 31, 2014

How to get rid of Duplicate Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Smartphones

A couple decisions made by Samsung and certain wireless carriers have resulted in Samsung smartphones spawning numerous duplicate contacts. Here's how to fix the problem permanently. Some of the images below will look a little different than they do on your phone due to firmware and app differences but you should be able to follow along on any recent Android-running Samsung smartphone.

To follow these instructions you will need a phone as well as a PC (Windows) or Mac computer. This will take 10-20 minutes for the average user but can be done much faster.

First open the contacts app, hit the menu button, select "Import/Export" and then  "Export to USB storage" as shown below:

This will create a file called "Contacts.vcf" or "00001.vcf" or something similar and save it on your phone's memory.

Next, to transfer the file to your computer, download the "Astro File Manager with Cloud Storage" app from the Play Store. Open the app, navigate through all of its "first time use" prompts and then go to Locations>sdcard (sometimes called sdcard0) and find the .vcf file, you will probably have to scroll down to the bottom to see it. Once you locate the .vcf file long press (press and hold down for a few seconds) on it until the menu you see on the far right screen below pops up.

Select the "Share" option from the list.

Then select "Gmail" from the list of ways to share, send this email to yourself, and then go to your PC/Mac and open the email. In the email an attachment will be shown at the bottom with the name of the file you emailed. Hover the mouse over the attachment and an "Add to contacts" button will appear. Click that button.

Once you click that button you will be taken to your Google Contacts web page and a light reddish bar with the option to "Find & Merge duplicates" will have appeared. Click where it says "Find & Merge duplicates," if you do not see this light reddish bar click where it says "More" beside the drop down arrow and you will find the option to "Find & Merge duplicate" in the menu that appears. Both methods are shown below:

Now all that's left is a little clean-up.

Uninstall the "Astro File Manager" app if you don't plan to use it in the future and re-open the contacts app. Hit the menu button and then select the "Contacts to display" option, you may have to scroll down the list of options to make this option visible. Then select only the Google account contacts, you will be automatically returned to your contact list, click the plus button to add a new contact.

We're going to add a fake new contact to reset the default place that your phone stores contacts. After we make this fake contact you may delete it. Name your new contact "test contact" or whatever you like and then select the area above the new contact name where it says "Phone" a drop down menu will appear, select "Google" instead of "Phone" and then select "Save." It is important that you select "Save," if you do not every new contact you create with your phone will become a duplicate.

You are done and should not encounter duplicate contacts again. Yayyyyyy!!

I've only personally tested this on Verizon Samsung phones but it should work with AT&T, Sprint,T-mobile and international models as well.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can God Make a Rock so Big He Can't Lift It?

The complete, correct, and hopefully clear answer.

Can God make a rock so big He can't lift it? This is an interesting question that is sometimes used to attempt to show that the idea of an omnipotent being is logically incoherent, like a "married bachelor" or a "round square."

Answering this question requires us to define the word "omnipotent," it will also be helpful to examine another, similar question.

Omnipotence is defined (by all notable philosophers except Rene Descartes) to be the ability to actualize any logically possible state of affairs. A Christian theist like myself who believes in an omnipotent God does not believe that God can do logically impossible things like create a married bachelor or a one dimensional doughnut. This may seem to make God less great, but I think a close examination reveals that this is not the case because these aren't really "things" that we're saying God can't make, they're just words put beside each other that never refer to an actual thing.

Now let's examine a similar question. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

The answer to this question is that we find out who is lying [edit: in the above case it was Peyton]. Because either the force is not unstoppable, or the object is not immovable. As Isaac Asimov explained, it is logically impossible for both an immovable object and an unstoppable force to exist in the same universe at the same time. Because the question assumes that both these things exist in the same universe at the same time, the question is logically incoherent and is thus, not really a question. But it looks like a question! you might say... Yes, but it's not a question, any more than "Can shmoggle airplane toothepaste?" is a question.

The question "Can God make a rock so big He can't lift it" is a similar "not-question" because it assumes that two logically incompatible things could be simultaneously true. It assumes that:

1. A Being that can lift any rock exists
2. A rock that cannot be lifted by the above Being possibly exists

Given that God is omnipotent, it follows that there cannot be a rock so big that He cannot lift it. The idea of such a rock is logically incoherent given God's ability to lift any rock. Therefore the simple answer to this question is "no, God cannot do logically impossible things," with the additional comment that these aren't really "things" anyway, they're just a series of words placed beside each other.

If you're still a little fuzzy check out Gary Burger's answer here and the lovely YouTube video (it really is quite good, better than this post I think) from YouTube entity misterD418 here.

Btw God also "can't" make a pebble so small He can't find it
...or a crossword puzzle so difficult He can't solve it
...or a smell so bad He can't bear to go near it