Thursday, January 13, 2011

RIM Still Doesn't Get It

As much as I'd love to cheer for my Canadian compatriots, there ain't much to cheer about. BGR just posted RIM's upcoming line-up and it is uninspired, underpowered and destined to keep RIM pointed firmly in the wrong direction.

First up is the new Blackberry Curve, it gets a higher resolution screen an 800mhz processor of unknown micro-architecture (guessing A8) more RAM and NFC. It also comes standard with a 2.x" screen. Which is why most people won't consider it.

Next is the Blackberry "Dakota" which looks to be the next iteration of the Bold, it's pretty much the same as the curve but with a VGA 2.8" screen and wireless hotspot capability. That would be strike two.

Finally, details of the Torch 2 include a 1.2ghz processor (again unknown micro-architecture) a 3.2" VGA screen 512mb of RAM and 8gb of built in storage.

Of these devices the best is the Torch 2. If the Torch 2 launched today it would only barely be competitive with Android and Apple devices that launched last summer. Disastrously the Torch 2 is scheduled for release in "late Q3 on ATT" which means it will be competing with the iPhone 5 and an armada of dual-core Cortex A9 wielding Android phones. RIM's latest salvo is even more pathetic than its last, mainly because it's not much better than the last and its competition has gotten much better. The strategy that worked so well for RIM from 2002-2007 must be abandoned, RIM's management needs to wake up and smell the new smartphone paradigm, email alone isn't enough to sell a phone, hardware keyboards are only suitable for niche products, and if you don't have a great web browser don't even bother playing. I'm trying to think of something positive to end this post with but I can't think of anything, maybe I'll go look at pictures of my nephew to cheer myself up.

EDIT: 1/14
Details of the next Blackberry Storm have now been leaked as well, the hardware is a mix of current and last gen relative to Android devices which is good enough to at least be respectable, with that minimum hardware spec now met it will be down to software. RIM is currently not competitive in software but they have 3 quarters to catch up, fingers crossed.

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