Monday, August 30, 2010

Why not down?

Up is always considered better than down. Thumbs up is good thumbs down is bad, heaven is up hell is down, glory is up shame is down, success is up failure is down, high flying is better than low crawling. Why is up always better than down? And why not settle for the status quo or even exult down? 
Implicit in this universal sentiment regarding up/down is an affirmation of the value of effort and a nod in the direction of hard work. After all, down is the natural way to go, down is the easy way to go. It's interesting that up is also exalted as better than neutrality. This motif of exerting effort beyond that needed to simply exist as being a good thing speaks to a calling present in the heart of man that is higher than the calling to simply exist. The exultation heaped on what is essentially defying the second law of thermodynamics is an affirmation that we were designed to transcend the natural laws, to identify them and manipulate them, to understand them and harness them, to harness them for a purpose that transcends them.

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